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WE BELIEVE THAT PLANTS DON'T GET THE RECOGNITION THEY DESERVE. So we, Kathryn and Charles, are on a mission to change that with vegan, effective and sustainable skin care.

"There is no better way to show and share the love and magical power of plants than to see the difference in your own skin."

The Founders

We are Kathryn (Aromatherapist, product formulator and manufacturer) and Charles (Marketing Designer). Together we created this brand for the love of plants and that's why we call it "Flower and Love".

Flor y Amor is really the passion project of brother and sister team in which they dedicate all their time and energy, into this family business.

The world is our medicine cabinet. We choose the best oils, extracts and plant essences of the highest quality to effectively improve your skin. Using both the new (modern lab-based science) and the old traditional ways to bring your skin, hair, scalp the best results in showcasing the power of plants.

We are from Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, where our home is, where Kathryn makes all her own Flor y Amor products (her own formulations) in our artisanal lab by hand. So that we can ensure the highest quality, complete traceability from product to source, and the most effective of formulas.

We know our suppliers by name and how effective, and unique (happy, sustainable, pure) their individual ingredients are. We know the power of bringing certain, special ingredients together and blending them. Sprinkle in some island magic, lots of love and many years of dedication and improvement to their craft and you get Flor y Amor.

With Flor y Amor, you can be sure that all our formulas are as effective as possible, organic or wild-crafted, vegan and never tested on animals.

We’re also championing sustainability on the island with our solid travel packs / amenities to replace plastic landfill waste in the hospitality industry, refill and reuse options for our body oils and face oils for spa and masseuse use.

Our lip balm containers (coming soon) are made from upcycled Tenerife plastic with repurposed bottle tops.

We’re a regular speaker at sustainability events on the islands, and also open to collaborating with like-minded sustainable brands on, but not limited to the Canaries. This is just the start of our sustainable journey, as we raise awareness of preserving the natural world, the amazing plants and so much more. Watch this space.

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